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Schedule a Consult

If you have a legal issue or question, schedule a consult. Just select your day and time. There is a non-refundable consultation fee of $150 that will be applied toward your legal fees if you become a client of James Legal, PLLC.


In a world of "free consults," why does James Legal charge $150? Charging a fee for consultation accomplishes two things:

It allows me to focus on solving problems. There is no shortage of time-wasters and tire-kickers looking for a quick, free answer to a complicated problem. The fee screens them so that I can spend my time helping someone like you.

It provides you with a service instead of a sales pitch. Not much in life is free. So it's no surprise that "free" legal consultations are usually sales calls with little or no substance. Even if I can't represent you, I will use the consultation to give you honest feedback about your issue and potentially put you touch with another attorney who is better-suited to your needs. 

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