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"The practice of law is dynamic; different situations require different approaches."

Jack Burtch, Jr., Attorney

In West Virginia, attorneys fill two principal roles. The one that likely comes to mind when you hear "lawyer" is the role of Advocate. When an attorney files pleadings, or makes oral argument, or otherwise operates within the strict confines of the law and legal procedure, they are being an Advocate. 

The second role is one that often gets overlooked, but is just as important: the role of Counselor. 

Counseling clarifies what you need.

The law can be confusing and intimidating. Whether you're facing a specific legal issue, or simply need some general guidance, it is helpful to have a lawyer walk you through your concerns. It is only through this process of counseling that an attorney can accurately evaluate your options and explore legal, as well as ethical and practical, considerations.

One of the practical realities is that not every client needs full representation. Instead, we may work together in a "limited scope," which can mean:


  • Having a stand-alone consultation and advice session

  • Preparing or reviewing a single legal document for you to file or execute

  • Representing you only in a specific situation (e.g., a business negotiation)

  • Coaching you through a dispute

Utilizing this style of representation can be more efficient and cost-effective under the right circumstances. This is why at James Legal, PLLC, counseling is prioritized: so that you can get precisely the representation you need.

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