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Some attorneys only work for you.
I will work with you.

Finding legal solutions together.

Practice Overview

How we can work together.

Intellectual Property

     One of the most valuable assets you can own is your Intellectual Property. Whether it's a Trademark for your brand, goods, or services, or a Copyright for your creative works. Common law offers some limited protections, but Federal registration is King. Don't forget to cover your assets!

Small Business

    Entrpreneurship is the purest pursuit of the American Dream. Owning a business should be exciting and inspiring. But it takes planning and proper organization to start up and stay afloat. Don't be intimidated by the legal requirements. Let's build your dream together.

Estate & Probate

     Everyone is familiar with simple wills -- and they are important. But effective preparation for your future demands more. From trusts to advance directives, we can discuss your needs and desires and come up with a plan tailored specifically to you.

General Counsel

     The law can be complicated, and it isn't always clear what needs to be done. Maybe you need full representation. Maybe you only need some limited assistance. Together we can address all of your general legal concerns so you can make an informed decision.

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