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Business Service Plans

Having General Counsel is one of the great advantages large corporations have over their small business counterparts. First, it puts legal advice at their fingertips -- if an emergency matter arises they have an attorney who is familiar with the business ready to jump in and assist. Second, it allows them to prevent legal issues from becoming emergencies by developing and updating internal procedures and policies to mitigate risk.


Unfortunately, full-time General Counsel is expensive. At the time of this writing, reports that the average salary of General Counsel in the U.S. is $150K. Of course you would like to have some of the benefits they provide, but spending $100K+ per year may not be realistic, yet.


James Legal's Business Service Plans may be your solution. These pre-packaged, subscription legal services are designed to address the issues and pain points that traditional General Counsel handle, but in a way that is curated and cost-effective so that even the smallest business can take advantage. Imagine having an established, ongoing relationship with an attorney without having to worry about billable hours. Imagine having an attorney who knows the ins and outs of your business, serves as a strategic partner and trusted advisor, and grows with you, giving you pragmatic, business-focused legal guidance along the way. That's the mission.


James Legal offers three standard Business Services Plans designed for small businesses from fresh startups to those who have scaled to 6-8 figures in annual revenue. Below you will find each plan with a brief overview of the services provided. If you have questions, please reach out.

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