Intellectual Property

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."

Steve Forbes

Imagine this scenario:

You're approached by a mysterious man in a black suit. He's come to propose a deal. He holds out one very thick binder, and one small folder.

"In this binder I hold every deed, lease, and manufacturing agreement for the factories responsible for making NIKE® shoes. In this folder, I hold every certificate of Trademark Registration for the brand name NIKE®. Pick one and it's yours."

So, which one did you pi--


Wow. OK. Right. The folder.

Of course you picked the folder! Because, like everyone else, you recognized that while factories and production agreements are all well and good you could retire for generations off of the NIKE® brand name! It is worth BILLIONS.

In truth, NIKE® owns hundreds of Trademark registrations. Why? Because they know that all of their brand reputation and goodwill are wrapped up in their intellectual property. This is true for your business, too! So how can you be more like them?

Let James Legal PLLC help you by:

  • Searching through existing trade and service marks to ensure that your brand is unique;

  • Applying for registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office;

  • Monitoring and policing your Trademark to ensure that no one else is free-riding on your reputation;

  • Maintaining your registration so your Trademark stays protected;

  • and more!

Your brand is your greatest asset. Let James Legal PLLC help you protect it!